Developed a robust web application for the world’s first fully-integrated sports smartwear company

Leveraged cloud computing and data management tools to develop a comprehensive website featuring separate modules for admin, affiliate marketing and channel partners. This enabled the client to effectively manage country-wise distributorship, promote products using influencers and access user data. The integration of advanced analytics further facilitated access to real-time sales reports, inventory management, device tracking and reporting of glitches.


Increased Operational Excellence

Leveraged advanced analytics to create an advanced fleet performance management system for a global shipping company

NeoSOFT’s expert developers integrated Power BI to aggregate and represent large data in the form of charts that foster quick data analysis. This led to creation of a web centralized dashboard featuring separate modules for tracking, reporting, voyage status etc. in real-time. The system was built with a provision for the client to store and maintain data within their premises


Decreased Operational Costs

Built a responsive web application enabling users to hunt properties and make informed decisions

Engineered a sophisticated project management tool for effectively managing, planning, scheduling and organizing real estate projects. The integration of APIs and advanced analytics further extended the capabilities of the web application, enabling users to gain access to real-time project progress, organize and prioritize tasks, manage dependencies and boost communication and team cohesion.


Increased Overall Efficiency

Taking e-learning to the next level by delivering a spectacular online experience

Developed an end-to-end LMS portal featuring world-class curricula such as British, IB, American, Indian and National Curriculums. This comprehensive web application incorporated cloud computing and advanced database management to create separate modules for teachers, students and parents including lesson planning, online learning content, live online classes, parent communication hub and performance tracking. Students are also able to submit assignments and take exams through the web application.


Increased Annual Subscriptions