Health and fitness wearable solution for a leading Swedish client

The client aimed to create the world’s first fully-integrated sports smart wear solution. With the product in place, they needed help with their e-commerce website, iOS and Android mobile applications, and web application. NeoSOFT experts delivered end-to-end development services for the client’s entire web ecosystem. The team ideated and created key web application modules, including a CMS to manage inventory and stock, user data, influencer sign-up, rewards per sale, and more. The team delivered a scalable solution with a serverless architecture that could handle large user traffic powered by Lambda, Amazon S3, Cloudfront CDN, ReactJS, and more.


Increased User Acceptance

Innovative solution for rectal cancer detection

The client had created an innovative solution that utilized magnetomotive ultrasound to deliver an accurate picture of cancer progression. To facilitate this, NeoSOFT’s domain experts combined the instrumentation device with a data acquisition model built in Python. They then rendered the output via a game engine to deliver a 3D scan of inner body parts and pinpoint the abnormalities. We used advanced data modeling in IoT, built an efficient 3-tier multi-tasking architecture, improved the quality of outputs with computer vision, and implemented Unreal 4 for 3D in ultrasonic imagery.


Improved Diagnosis Accuracy

Automation in clinical journeys, and insurance & claims management

The client was looking for a web portal to streamline day-to-day interactions and transactions via a single point of contact. The goal was to deliver personalized experiences through which users could submit and manage claims, track fund disbursement, manage patient load, eliminate manual processes and documentation, improve the accuracy of information tracking, and reduce delays in claim settlement. NeoSOFT developed and strategized the requisite portal that could seamlessly enhance the engagement between providers and patients. To improve clinical outcomes and reduce associated costs, the portal alerted providers about gaps in patient care, users could manage referral requests, and authorization processes were made more efficient.


Optimized CX

Developed the first one-of-its-kind AI-based medical search engine

Our client – a leading Spain-based healthcare organization aimed to develop an AI-enhanced solution in the form of a next-gen archive of medical journals, articles, news, and drugs. Query processing had to be semantic to filter through low-quality content and provide users with only the most accurate and relevant results. The NeoSOFT team used their expertise in NLP and AI to develop a futuristic search engine that could search, analyze, and visualize data in real-time and in a single click. Empowered by semantic search, advanced crawling, and Graph Theory, the engine could track the most high-level concepts and achieve an unprecedented level of text comprehension.


Increased Traffic