IMS that led, managed, and supported the client’s long-term internal IT investments

Implementation of proactive IT-support optimized remote and on-site monitoring, maintenance, and management of the client’s entire IT infrastructure, including all critical business applications such as Email, Networking, and Telecom. The development of a custom dashboard enabled ITIL technicians to view issues in real-time and pro-actively mitigate risk, and quickly resolve issues while increasing the depth of coverage of IT operations.


Increased Cost-Optimization

Automated managed cloud services to enhance operational efficiencies and improve processes

Designed the support framework, configured baselines, and provided managed services support to streamline the client’s cloud operations, security operations, and application support. Facilitating holistic support to over 60 instances of infrastructure in the AWS cloud environment. Our approach automated ticket handling based on the workflow defined for each category to achieve significant cost savings and streamline operations.


Increased Operational Efficiency

Streamlining IT infrastructure operational strategies to achieve high control and visibility

Leveraging our proven infrastructure transformation methodology, we migrated the clients’ operations including applications and toolsets to a next-gen data center. Our team of expert engineers also migrated the workload to a private cloud service provider to increase accessibility and streamline workflow processes, thus reducing IT operations costs. This further facilitated increased business agility, reduced the complexity of processes, and ensured enhanced security.


Decreased IT Operations Cost

Improved uptime of IT infrastructure availability through proactive monitoring

Leveraging an ITIL-based service delivery framework ensured seamless and uninterrupted IT operations through proactive monitoring. This enabled the client to ensure high availability of resources, and reduce the cost of downtime and losses incurred due to interrupted IT operations. Additionally, the integration of 24/7 support featuring certified and skilled resources enabled the client to concentrate solely on business priorities.


Uninterrupted Uptime