Engineered a predictive maintenance system for an automobile manufacturing leader

Leveraged big data analytics to analyze both structured and multi-structured data from car sensors to maximize automobile parts, equipment uptime and deploy maintenance more cost-effectively. The system also enables manufacturers to ensure optimal performance of systems and components, ensuring they are alerted long before they fall out of tolerance or reach failure.


Increased Cost Efficiencies

Engineered an IoT-based solution for industrial equipment monitoring

The system provides clear visibility on equipment availability, performance, downtime, and condition. Real-time tracking of equipment enabled the client to identify bottlenecks and ensure 99.99% uptime of the manufacturing process. The data captured on a real-time basis is integrated with ERP which delivers insights into operation efficiencies and manufacturing productivity.


Improved Visibility

A smart automation tool for the gas-pipe welding process

The application developed for the oil and gas industry automates the welding process for pipes of diameter ranging from 6-8 inches. The process involves welding from inside as well as outside with well precision and accuracy. The project is based on the IoT platform and establishes server-to-server communication and server-to-client communication. Integration of various cameras and sensors to perform precise welding and rotation and movement modules to move the torch in various positions.


Quality Outcome

Enhancing client’s supply chain operations by integrating new SAP modules

Delivered a highly critical SAP integration project within 6 months through an offshore model, with zero glitches and not a single escalation. Eliminated manual interventions for low-value and high-time-consuming jobs and achieved resource optimization with SAP capacity requirement planning functionality. Material Management (MM) and Production Planning (PP) modules were implemented. Automation of processes to yield improved productivity and enable clients by driving visibility across the supply chain operations.


Accelerated Supply Chain