Leveraged automation tools to quickly and conveniently onboard customers digitally

Expertly integrated AI and cloud computing to develop a cross-platform application for accelerating digital accuracy and optimization of resources, empowering compliance teams to protect and manage data quickly and effectively. The resulting robust application enabled easy and quick customer document verification through digital KYCs as well as facilitating seamless interactions between merchants, customers, and admins.


Increased Customer Acquisition

Engineered a digital relationship manager for providing accurate and timely information to customers

Developed a comprehensive cross-platform application with dedicated portals helping the employees serve their customers more effectively. The portal features real-time analytics and a robust interface delivering timely updates on financial offerings customers might be interested in based on their preferences. Enabling employees to serve their clients better with increased customer satisfaction.


Increased Customer Engagement

Integrating IoT and cloud computing for a personalized home automation experience

Our team of expert engineers leveraged automation and cloud tools to develop a cross-platform application that integrated a simple and intuitive design, offering seamless access to smart home devices. The user-friendly interface of the application boosted engagement by offering greater control over security, energy efficiency, and low operating costs. Enabling users to monitor, schedule, and automate all their smart devices from a single location.


Increased Downloads

Developed an intuitive LMS for enhancing the online learning experience

Engineered an android application that simplifies the learning process and makes it more accessible, quick, convenient, and affordable. NeoSOFT’s expert engineers crafted a visually appealing and easy-to-use experience for users which provided instant and easily navigable access to learning tools. Enabling users to access and download learning videos and books, schedule meetings and correspond with teachers and directly view live lectures on video.


Increased Annual Subscriptions