A sales management solution for agents and brokers

Developed a comprehensive web application with a scope to process and manage the complex environments of lead generation. Due to the lack of a centralized and automated sales management system, our client had been experiencing lost opportunities with sales getting marginal. We engineered a web solution embedding intelligent automation to orchestrate their sales funnel on an integrated platform and synchronize the sales efforts. This application was then integrated with their legacy ERP system to provide a holistic view and collaborated with all the involved stakeholders.


Increased Revenue

Engineered real estate multiple listing service system

Developed an advanced real estate listing software to market properties and availabilities, generate valuable reports, filter data, and other value-added functionality. The web platform was well integrated with the client’s existing ERP solution to feed data in real-time and enable the listing of the latest properties. The system provides easy access to updating and maintaining property history and current status.


Increase in Sales