An RPA-driven next-gen payroll processing system

Engineered an RPA-driven payroll processing system that reduces the manual-intensive aspects and speeds up the payroll operations. Collaborative integration in UiPath enabled hassle-free built-in handling of applications. Authentication mechanisms in MongoDB ensured the uplifting of the overall security system. The consolidated data system enabled real-time data analysis and validation.


Error-free Processing

A bot-enabled email response system that delivers an intuitive customer experience

Designed a robust automated email response system that could analyze the email content, identify the requested topic, and send instant, personalized responses to the users. Complex email requests were automatically escalated to the relevant customer support agent with the complete communication history. Intelligent scheduling of process automation in UiPath ensured better scalability and prioritization.


Increased Customer Acquisition

Automated order processing system for smooth export functions

Deployed UiPath RPA technology to migrate all the manual order processes into an automated robotic system to considerably reduce the processing time and any unnecessary wait time.
RPA tools were deployed to segregate and protect spaces for multiple users to improve operational efficiency. Additional features like invoice generation and real-time notifications were implemented for better efficiency.


Increased Productivity

Streamlining the tender management process and real-time tracking

Developed a robotized process using UiPath RPA tool to streamline the tender management backend process with real-time data sharing across multiple geographies. Provisions to record all the tender-related data and take subsequent actions to automatically fetch data from the storage were made for better data efficiency. Encryption-based authorized access was


Process Automation