A sustained and growing talent team for an umbrella organization managing retail payments

Functioning as an extension of the client’s team, our team of full-stack developers built an intuitive retail payment module for a leading bank. With a thorough understanding of design aesthetics and focusing on devising a user roadmap, our team engineered a robust solution that promised an excellent CX. The information elements offered to the customer were builtmeticulously so that the engagement was consistent, high, and interactive

Team Size: 55+

Duration: 3+ Years

Tech Stack: Drupal 7 / PHP / HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery / Bootstrap

Full-stack developers and data analysts were deployed for one of the biggest governing bodies in India

As part of their pollution control and ‘Green-initiative drive’, the client undertook theresponsibility of planting 50+ lac trees across areas in their jurisdiction. Our team of full-stack software engineers extended the client’s existing team to engineer a web portal that could capture and help oversee the initiative operations. Our team of data analyst experts performed statistical analysis to derive meaningful insights into the trees’ survival rate and their condition.

Team Size: 25+

Duration: 1.5 Years

Tech Stack: PHP / CodeIgniter / MSSQL / Drupal 7 / JavaScript / Tableau

Equipped a publishing giant with a team of full-stack developers and cloud experts

Developed a robust and intuitive application that seamlessly integrated international, national, and local news relating to politics, business, entertainment, sports, and other general interests. The client’s requirement was to containerize its applications to create a consolidated platform that showcases all of its offerings in a visually appealing and intuitive manner and subsequently aids in boosting customer experience.

Team Size: 35+

Duration: 3+ Years

Tech Stack: JavaScript / CodeIgniter / AWS / MySQL

Deployed an expert team of Open Source developers, Data Scientists, and QA, for a multinational pharmaceutical company

The client’s goal was to sort clinical trial data according to medical conditions and geographies by building an informative and easy-to-navigate interface. An intuitive web portal was developed to manage the backend processes according to statutory compliances and featured enhanced data security and encryption protocols to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive customer data.

Team Size: 55+

Duration: 2+ Years

Tech Stack: Selenium / Drupal / MySQL / JavaScript