New Product Development

NeoSOFT is positioned uniquely to help telecom companies in new product development initiatives combined with the modernization of legacy applications. We offer product engineering services to network equipment manufacturers and independent software providers and cover the spectrum of network infrastructure, including access, CPE, core, and transport networks. Our services span from consulting on product architecture and design to testing, deployment, and sustenance.

  • End-to-end product engineering lifecycle
  • Embedded software development
  • Product support and maintenance

Robotics-led Managed Services

We have developed a range of solutions that automates the diversity and complexity of business processes of the Telecom industry. Our RPA-led digital managed services combine the best-of-breed automation platforms, analytics, real-time dashboards, and flexible engagement models that cover end-to-end processes across revenue, customers, and employee lifecycles. Our Innovation Labs offer pioneering solutions to help increase the adoption of TVWS technology, especially in smart grid applications.

  • Innovative products with cutting-edge features
  • Enhanced product reliability with stringent quality testing
  • Reduced time-to-market for new solutions
  • Improved customer engagement with IoT solutions

Infrastructure Management Services

We enable the telecom industry to embrace software-based agile infrastructure with programmable automated processes. Our capabilities in infrastructure management, integrated operations, network operation management, and hybrid cloud services deliver efficiency, scalability, and flexibility to Telecom operations. Our data security solutions are driven by the framework of compliance and industry regulation while optimizing the telecom players’ leverage of the best of the cloud.

  • Gain full control of assets functioning across the lifecycle during runtime
  • Provide the highest security and operational continuity standards
  • Cost optimization plans and maximizing profits from infrastructure investment
  • Improvise customer experience

White Space Spectrum

As demand for White Space Spectrum increases, NeoSOFT’s range of software solutions helps manage, monitor, map, and optimize opportunities in this new field. Our Innovation Lab offer pioneering solutions to help increase the adoption of TVWS technology, especially in smart grid applications. We facilitate greater penetration of TVWS communications, so they cover more considerable distances and enhance broadband connectivity, especially in rural areas.

  • Increased adoption of TVWS technology
  • Improved broadband connectivity in rural areas
  • Reduced deployment costs and timelines
  • Seamless management and coordination of resources

5G Tech

NeoSOFT is fully-equipped to offer reliable and efficient solutions to support 5G networks. Our software solutions for fiber testing, OTA verification, beam analysis, and coverage enable network equipment verification and validation, while simulation technologies help establish compliance and service quality before signal activation. Our capabilities in IoT and AI ensure scalable, real-time intelligence platforms for capturing, locating, and analyzing mobile events for superior user-experience insights.

  • Integration with new-age technologies
  • Minimal latencies for advanced use cases
  • Increased capacity for more connections
  • Reduced time-to-market for new services